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What’s a growler?

The direct answer is that a growler is a half gallon glass container with a screw-top cap that we fill with Barley's ale so that you can enjoy it when you're not hangin’ around the ale house.

Simply ask your server or barkeep for a growler of your favorite Barley's ale, and it will be filled in a jiffy. Now you're ready for your party, game on TV or holiday get-together. It's that simple.

Can I refill the growler when I'm done with it?

Yep. You pay a one time modest cost for the container (sold at our cost) and it's yours forever, unless you drop it, of course! Every time you stop in after your initial fill, you only pay for the contents.

Unfortunately, once you purchase the growler, it's yours. We do not repurchase your growlers, full or empty.

Can I buy any of your beers to go in my growler?

Almost. Some of our beers are not condusive to growler fills, and we reserve the right to not fill with those. Sometimes we offer an extremely limited version of a beer, and we reserve the right to offer that ale only to our dine-in guests. Other than that, it's your pleasure (as well as ours.)

How long does the beer in a growler last?

Well, how fast will you drink it? If you mean how long will it last if you don't drink it...
First, be sure to refrigerate it as soon as you get it. Our ales are unpasteurized, and heat is the enemy. Assuming you properly refrigerate it, your beer will easily last a week. It is not unheard of for the beer to still taste fresh even after a month.

As soon as you open it, though, your time is limited. Not because it will not taste fresh, but because it will go flat, just as when you open a bottle of beer. We recommend that once you open your growler, you empty it in one session.

If you weren't able to pull off that feat, though, all's not lost. Refrigerate the remaining contents until you're ready for it again, preferably the next day. We've found that you can pour about three quarters of your pint glass full with the now flat beer, and top it off with some "neutral" beer out of a bottle. This helps with the carbonation, and will get you through your crisis.

The other thing you can do with your flat beer is cook with it. A pot of chili spiked with Barley's ale makes a mighty fine meal. Here's a recipe for you to try.

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